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 Movie Review of the Week: Invaders From Proxima B 

Set for its North American VOD release with indie distributor Buffalo 8, Invaders From Proxima B debuts exclusively on Fandango at Home on May 31, 2024 and it's practically a sure thing to be a fantastic discovery for families looking for ways to entertain the kiddoes during these Summer months. The film is a family friendly science fiction comedy centered around a wise-cracking alien named Chuck (Roberts) who crashes into the backyard of the Jankins family (Roberts, Samantha Sloyan). Caught up in an increasingly weird situation, the Jankins team up with their new otherworldly friend to battle a dangerous array of weirdos who show up in hot pursuit of their furry friend and maybe even the world. 



 Book Review of the Week: Mouth by Joshua Hull  

Sometimes, we're born monsters.

Sometimes, well, something happens in life that takes us down that path to becoming monsters.

Is this just the way it is? Is it the way it has to be?

With the novella "Mouth," Indiana author/filmmaker Joshua Hull shoots a more mature horror into our literary veins to tell a story simultaneously dark and delicious yet also strangely nostalgic and uncomfortably comforting.

For those of us, myself included, who can identify with the struggle to not become that which created us, "Mouth" is an emotional masterpiece of tone and expression. I was reminded constantly of my early days of healing from childhood sexual violence and the many times I turned to independent horror to find ways to express the darkness within me and the light I wanted to become.


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