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Jordan Mullins
Nathan Sellers
4 Mins.

 Movie Review: Methuselah 
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Writer-director Nathan Sellers has crafted the 4-minute Methuselah out of the roots of a haunting childhood memory, though the film itself is more universal in nature as Sellers examines humanity's abrasive, sometimes cruel and violent, nature through the perspective of trees. 

Yes, trees. 

Set for its world premiere in August, Methuselah is an experimental film that triggers thought and feeling, memory and reflection. The film, driven by a compelling narration by Jordan Mullins, finds its power in imagery illustrating the exploitation of trees and their enigmatic dual role, both silent witnesses and unwitting participants, in humanity's long history of violence. 

How Sellers brings this to life is riveting, jarring yet fiercely engaging and presented as both film and exhibit in a way that informs, inspires, and triggers reflection upon one's own world and the world around us. 

The narration by Mullins is, indeed, exceptional in capturing the ominous nature of our introspection. Original music by Abby Swidler, performed by Palaver Strings, is evocative and ethereal and the perfect companion to the unfolding artistry. Methuselah looks and feels simultaneously like a painting and a video essay, a collection of experiences both deeply personal and universal in nature. Some will be familiar. Others, perhaps, not so much. However, the film as a whole is likely to trigger personal reflection about one's own natural experiences and experiences with trees. 

To this very moment, I find myself reflecting upon my own childhood and realizing how many traumatic moments have been surrounded by trees that see all and hold these memories within. 

At a mere four minutes in length, Methuselah tells its stories and tells them quickly. Destined to be popular on the indie fest circuit, Methuselah is for sure a film to watch for when it premieres in August 2024. 

Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic