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The Independent Critic

Written and Directed by
Vince Marcello
RuPaul, David Engel, Candice Nicole
Running Time
36 Mins.


 "Zombie Prom" Review 

In all my years of being a film critic it has never happened. I've completed thousands of film ratings and over 1,000 film reviews in my life including films of all genres and short films. It hasn't happened once...What am I talking about? The ever elusive four-star rating, a rating of which I've given approximately less than 1% of all full-length films but NEVER a short film.

Until now.

"Zombie Prom" is, without a doubt, the best short film I've ever seen. Based upon the off-Broadway play of the same name, "Zombie Prom" is part 1950's comic book, part horror, part love story, part musical, part Troma flick, part comedy and, well, completely brilliant. it's the funniest, most entertaining and most imaginative short film I've ever viewed and, hands down, the best acted short I've witnessed including, believe it or not, a marvelous performance from RuPaul as Miss Strict, the Principal of Enrico Fermi High School.

The story of a seemingly ill-fated high school couple, Toffee (Candice Nicole) and Jonny (Darren Robertson), "Zombie Prom" is beautifully brought to life by screenwriter/director Vince Marcello. While the musical film "Dreamgirls" picked up all the cinematic awards for 2006, "Zombie Prom" was truly the year's musical highlight.

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