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Gary Ploski, Benjamin Panzarino, Alicia Dupuis, Doug O'Connor
Dan O'Connor
Karen Buckton
8 Mins.

 "Zedic and the Crimson Born" a First Film From Dan O'Connor 
Inspired by a fascination with ancient alien theories, director Dan O'Connor has constructed his first film, Zedic and the Crimson Born, an interesting eight-minute sci-fi flick centered around Nick (Benjamin Panzarino), an introspective and sensitive young man who realizes he different but doesn't quite grasp how different until he comes across Zedic (Gary Ploski). It's Zedic who informs Nick that he's one of a select group of hydrid beings created with an element of artificial alien DNA.

Zedic and the Crimson Born is an ambitious project for a first-time filmmaker, and while O'Connor doesn't quite hit a home run he does show quite a bit of promise as a filmmaker in being able to translate Karen Buckton's intelligent script into an interesting and occasionally involving eight minute short film. The ensemble cast captures an almost meditative spirit, giving the film a rather mystical quality that likely reflects O'Connor's genuine interest in this topic.

The recently completed short is available for viewing for a mere $.99 on the film's website or you can watch it right away here on The Independent Critic. While it may seem, and is somewhat true, that a C- isn't exactly a stellar rating, it's always a worthy cause to support a brand new filmmaker as they learn their craft and continue to grow.

© Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic