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Gray Creasy, Grace Skinner
Brad Jones
9 Mins.

 "Write of Passage" Review 
In writer/director Brad Jones's Write of Passage, a writer (Gray Creasy) experiencing a serious case of writer's block must face his greatest nemesis - his own typewriter.

An entertaining 9-minute short with a retro style and a dry sense of humor, Write of Passage has already been an Official Selection at multiple film festivals including DEADCenter Film Festival, Phoenix Film Festival, Dances With Films and Comic Con International Independent Film Festival. The film features a relatively quiet yet spirited performance by Gray Creasy, made up to look an awful lot like the lesser known Howard brother, Clint Howard. Creasy, who has quite a few credits in the area of make-up and special effects, could almost pass as a member of the Rocky Horror cast here, yet he's a perfect delight as an increasingly frustrated writer going head-to-head with his typewriter.

The film benefits from terrific production values, especially D.P. Marc Levy's creative lensing and Brian Hawlk's excellent sound design. While the film's storyline is relatively familiar, Jones makes it all work and Creasy gives such an appealing performance that you can't help but keep yourself glued to the screen during the film's entire nine minutes.

© Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic