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The Independent Critic

Tze Chun
Running Time
11 Mins.
Raymond Zhang, Fiona Chen, Ai-Cheng Goh, Bryan Wilson, Jeff Bellin, Emily Lodish, Trung Tang

 "Windowbreaker" Review 

With a cast largely comprised of locals from Quincy and Randolph, MA, Chun's latest short film shatters misconceptions by exploring the climate of prejudice while also eloquently looking at something as basic as childhood fears.

"Windowbreaker" works because Chun doesn't try to accomplish too much with the story. While the theme of racism and prejudice could easily overwhelm a short film, in "Windowbreaker" Chun's storytelling is simple, direct and both intellectually and emotionally satisfying. Edited by Anna Boden (writer/producer of "Half-Nelson"), not a single shot is wasted in this 11-minute short film.

On his 10th short film, Chun works with children for the first time and brings out strong performances from newcomers Raymond Zhang and Fiona Chen.