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The Independent Critic

Directed by
Pau Maso
Irene Gonzalez, Ewelina Lukaszewska, Angela Vida (Voice), Jennifer Kent (Voice), Pau Maso, Jordi Maso
Running Time
30 Mins.

 "Who's There" Review 
Ashlee (Irene Gonzalez/Angela Vida) and Natalie (Ewelina Lukaszewska/Jennifer Kent) are two college students who decide to take a Ryan Air flight to spend a weekend in a famous camping reserve in Spain. Expecting to be surrounded by students and partiers, the two are instead alone with the exception of Christensen (Pau Maso), a rather peculiar resident who is more than willing to help the two discover all that the mountains have to offer...and more.

Directed by Maso, Who's There? is a 30-minute horror short that works surprisingly well despite facing a myriad of technical challenges including special effects that should have transcended its modest budget and tech issues that resulted in the two lead actresses actually being dubbed.

While there's no question that the film occasionally over-steps its technical boundaries and it shows, Who's There? is a remarkably coherent and involving short film featuring fine work from its ensemble cast and camera work that far exceeds what one might expect from such a flick.

Who's There features excellent original music from Chasing Mercury and Steven Joseph, along with Parker Davis's suspenseful original score. While Maso certainly stretches himself in terms of his tech, he's also got a strong feel for when to hold back as he never pushes the film so far that the tech dominates the story or characters. Our actresses exhibit quite a strong chemistry, a fact that helps to build the film's suspense as it becomes apparent to them (It's apparent to the audience much earlier due to the opening scene) that something's not quite right.

Maso also turns out to be quite the actor, projecting both a sort of "everyman" quality that makes it believable that he could be trusted but he also has a way of using his body language to let you know there's something underneath the surface.

Who's There? is now available on DVD or for download...check out the film's Facebook page above for more information. Maso has assembled a solid indie horror short on quite the modest budget, serving notice to the indie horror scene that they should take a look his way.