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Yinuo Jiang, Asha Yearwood, Izzy Sanchez, Minju Hong, Adeline Ferolo
Raymond Mo, Minju Hong
6 Mins.


 "Whipped Cream Cake" Snags "Summer White Lynch Memorial Award"  
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If you're from Indianapolis, it's hard and maybe impossible to not love everything about Heartland Film. 

From their long-running Heartland International Film Festival to their new baby Indy Shorts and from their Truly Moving Picture Award to their steadfast community presence throughout the year in Fountain Square and beyond, Heartland Film has become part of the cultural tapestry of Indianapolis. Among the myriad of ways they've honored that relationship with their hometown of Indianapolis has been their establishment of multiple memorial and legacy awards established to honor Indianapolis residents and longtime Heartland supporters. Awards like the Jenni Berebitsky Legacy Award, the Richard D. Propes Social Impact Award, and the Summer White Lynch Memorial Award help to put the heart in Heartland. 

The Summer White Lynch Memorial Award was established to honor Summer White Lynch, a loving wife and mother who died from triple negative breast cancer in 2014. The annual award, underwritten by Gary D. and Marlene Cohen, honors the Grand Prize Winner of the Indy Shorts High School Film Competition. It's yet one more way that Indy Shorts has become a truly moving film festival. 

The 2020 recipient of the Summer White Lynch Memorial Award is Whipped Cream Cake, a poignant and insightful six-minute short film co-written and directed by Carmel High School students Raymond Mo and Minju Hong. The film tells the story of Haejin, a young Korean girl who struggles between supporting her friends in their play or joining her family on a special day. Ultimately, an old memory causes her to make an important choice. 

Whipped Cream Cake is a rich and rewarding short film with a strong ensemble cast and an even stronger story. The film entered the festival as the High School Film Competition's Indiana Winner before taking home the competition's top prize among entries from around the world. The film had its world premiere at the pandemic-influenced Indy Shorts that included virtual and drive-in screenings and a resilient spirit that made you love the film festival even more. 

Here's hoping the festival journey for Whipped Cream Cake has just begun.

Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic