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Ed Begley Jr., Aaron Berger, Tom Berry
Ken Grant
Ken Grant, Andrew Reilly
75 Mins. (plus 30+ Mins. extras)
Celebrity Home Entertainment
Interview W/Alexandra Paul; Retrospective; Conversation w/filmmakers

 "What Is The Electric Car?" Review 
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I'm sold.

When it comes to a documentary such as What Is The Electric Car?, the biggest and most important question may simply be "Was I changed by watching this film?"

The answer is "Yes!"

By the end of What Is The Electric Car?, I found myself exploring the possibility that my next vehicle would be an electric car. Shot on location at the Peterson Automotive Museum, Jay Leno's Garage, The International Auto Show in Detroit, The Henry Ford Museum and in other locations around the country, What Is The Electric Car? is an informative, insightful, entertaining and inspiring documentary that takes both a look at the history of electric vehicles and dispels many of the myths surrounding them.

In addition to the obligatory celeb appearances from the likes of Leno, Alexandra Paul, Fabio, Ed Begley Jr. and other known fans of electric vehicles, director Ken Grant and his co-writer Andrew Reilly have managed to create a relaxed, easygoing film that takes a look at virtually every objection you've likely ever heard about owning an electric car and, rather surprisingly, even acknowledges when they're actually legit concerns (such as long trips).

The film contains interviews with key manufacturers, vendors, drivers and true pioneers in the EV (Electric Vehicle) industry but, I will stress, the film isn't a film simply for EV devotees. It's a fascinating and informative film for anyone who's a car buff, history buff or even simply someone who wants to see yet another way in which corporate America is deciding what you can and cannot have in your life.

What Is The Electric Car? is getting a second release on February 7, 2012 and it's worth definitely worth your time. Special DVD Bonus Features include "Baywatch" star and EV activist Alexandra Paul talking about her EV's, a retrospective look at EV's as far back as the early 1900's, and a conversation with the filmmakers about the making of this film.

For more information, visit the What Is The Electric Car? website and the Celebrity Home Entertainment website.

© Written by Richard Propes
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