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The Independent Critic

Bradford Schmidt
Bradford Schmidt (script), Brandon Thompson (story)
Gary Colon, April Eckfeld, Michael McCartney
Running Time
14 Mins.

 "Welgunzer" Review 

While sci-fi has never been one of my favorite genres, this delightful 14-minute short from Bradford Schmidt is so inventively written and imaginatively constructed that it won me over within a matter of moments.

Winner of the 3rd place price in the 2009 BAFTA/LA Awards for Student Film, "Welgunzer" combines all the ingredients for a delightful and unforgettable sci-fi film into its 14-minute runtime with intelligence, quirkiness, humor and a pinch of heart.

An endlessly goofy little romp about time travel, toasters, suicide and self-preservation, "Welgunzer" features a deliciously off-kilter performance from Gary Colon and superb camera work from Austin F. Schmidt.

Beautifully scripted, as well, based on a story by Brandon Thompson, "Welgunzer" is about as close to perfection as a sci-fi short can get.