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The Independent Critic

Amanda Fairbanks-Hynes, Stephen Karl, Alex Lincoln
Connor O'Hara
Alex Lincoln, Connor O'Hara
14 Mins.


 "Wander" is a Stark and Involving Short Film 

In Connor O'Hara's Wander, a man (Alex Lincoln) follows the same routine each day to keep himself alive while he reminisces about the love of his youth. Jess (Amanda Fairbanks-Hynes).

Wander is a beautiful film to watch, lensed by Thomas Bowles in a way that captures both the starkness of this new reality and the beautiful British countryside. Seemingly inspired by other post-apocalyptic tales, O'Hara has crafted a 14-minute short film that tells a slight yet meaningful and involving story that, in some ways, chooses to leave the viewer as alone as is our main character, Noah.

Is there, perhaps, a biblical theme here? That's for you to decide, of course, but Wander flirts with both devastation and origin story. It is a short film that had me reflecting both upon past similar films and upon the biblical tale of Noah.

Wander is a simple film, yet it's deceptively simple. It's the kind of film that you will think about long after the closing credits have rolled and you are left to make sense of it all.

Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic