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Joseph Anderson, Walter Coppage, Eboni Fondren
Patrick Rea
Jerry Rapp
7 Mins.


 "The View From Here" Set for World Premiere at Omaha Film Fest 

It's been a few years since I've seen a storyline along the lines of that contained within Patrick Rea's latest short film The View From Here, a 7-minute short film getting set for its world premiere at the Omaha Film Festival going on March 5-10th, 2019 in, you guessed it, Omaha, Nebraska. 

The View From Here is a bit of a deviation for Rea, a more touchy-feely type of motion picture with a core of inspiration that will fit perfectly at the film's second slated film fest, the Australian Inspirational Film Festival going on later this month. 

The film centers around a patient (Walter Coppage) who shares a unique gift with an incapacitated roommate (Joseph Lee Anderson) whose healing seems to be enhanced by the unique, encouraging gift. 

The View From Here brings to mind a film from a few years back called Window that starred Louis Gossett Jr. While this setting is somewhat different, both films share a relentless hopefulness and a gentle yet powerful reminder of just how simply we can make a difference in the life of another human being. 

The performances are strong across the board, Walter Coppage's warm and giving spirit proving to be the perfect salve for Joseph Lee Anderson's wounded body and soul. Eboni Fondren turns in a solid performance as the nurse tasked with caring for both men. 

Set in your stereotypical urban, weathered healthcare setting, the film features effective lensing by Trevor Hawkins and a production design that makes you appreciate the story by Jerry Rapp even more deeply. 

The View From Here is just getting started on its festival run and should have no problem at all finding a home on the indie fest circuit. 

© Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic