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The Independent Critic

Jake Kellar
Chase Wright
5 Mins.

 "Vallum" a Unique and Inspired Short Film 

In Chase Wright's simple yet effective short film Vallum, a turn of the century teen (Jake Kellar) is imprisoned with Oblivion and fights desperately to escape.

With a washed out retro feeling and a terrific original score by Greg Faletto, Vallum sets a suspenseful tone early on and carries it throughout its five-minute running time. Jake Kellar portrays an interesting character, part Artful Dodger and part lost soul fighting for survival. It's an interesting film that never really tips its card but always managing to hold one's interesting.

D.P. Ivan Valadez gives the film a gritty look that almost brings to mind the silent film era, while also creating an otherworldly atmosphere. Perhaps best described as an experimental short, Vallum will likely be popular on the indie and sci-fi/fantasy circuit, where it's seemingly universal themes can be talked about as the closing credits roll.

© Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic