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Danny Stiling, Brandon Estes, Christopher Flowers, Jennifer Greenawalt, Michael Mercer
Christopher Flowers, Michael Mercer
47 Mins.

 "Uwharrie" Yet Another "Found Footage" Film 
You would think that a film with the tag line "Fear is afoot" would be right up my alley but, indeed, there's something amiss in Uwharrie, yet the latest film in a long line of "found footage" films with a description that is so spot-on parallel to Blair Witch Project that you can only hope it's all quite intentional and writer/directors Christopher Flowers and Michael Mercer are downright spoofing the entire genre.

If that's their aim, and I tend to believe it is, then Uwharrie is an occasionally amusing 46-minute short film with enough tongue-in-cheek moments to potentially make it worth your while. Uwharrie starts off promisingly enough with two friends headed off into the woods for a party before suddenly experiencing increasingly tense and menacing events that unfold in a way that builds some tension while capitalizing on generally solid camera work. Before long, however, the film's impact starts to dissipate as pop culture, or movie culture, references overwhelm the film's script and its story. For such an approach to work, it's essential that you've integrated enough of a creative voice within your own film so that it can stand on its own.

Unfortunately, Uwharrie doesn't so much stand on its own as it almost seems to be making fun of itself.

After awhile, that's just not very interesting to watch.

Want to try the film for yourself? Check out the film's website where the film is posted in its entirety.

© Written by Richard Propes
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