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Richey Day, Grant Howard
Brenton Oechsle
3 Mins.


 "Undertaker" Captures Prize for Hoosier Lens Short at Indy Film Fest 

A deserving winner of Indy Film Fest's Hoosier Lens Short Film Award, writer/director Brenton Oechsle's 3-minute short film Undertaker is three minutes of pure cinematic bliss and emotional resonance involving a mortician dealing with loss.

At a mere three minutes in length, it's obvious that Oechsle keeps things simple here. We are left with images that communicate remarkable depth, simple yet meaningful dialogue and remarkably intimate and moving lensing from D.P. Kassim Norris that sort of washes the imagery over you and envelopes you with both tenderness and grief. Featuring Richey Day and Grant Howard, who immerse themselves in the film, Undertaker is a remarkably moving and effective short film and easily the best of this years Hoosier Lens short films.

Undertaker has already screened once at the festival, but it has three more to go including its presentation amongst this year's award-winners. The times you can catch it are July 20th at 11am in DeBoest Lecture Hall, July 20th at 7pm in the Toby Theatre and on July 24th at noon back in DeBoest. All screenings are located at Indianapolis Museum of Art. For more inforrmation, visit the Indy Film Fest website.

© Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic