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The Independent Critic

John Herzog
Zane Brodsky, Adam Jensch
Robert Newton, Brooke Eichelberger, Brian Basinski
Running Time
15 Mins.

 "Twistee Treat" Review 

When 15-year-old Kyle (Robert Newton) unexpectedly gets a date at the Twistee Treat with the hottie girl of his dreams, Mindy (Brooke Eichelberger), he turns rather misguidedly to his two older brothers for girl advice but, even more unexpectedly, finds out that being himself may just be the answer.

Reminiscent of any number of "geek gets the girl" films, John Herzog's "Twistee Treat" is a gentle, lighthearted and surprisingly heartfelt film in which, well, the geek gets the girl and the audience gets some decent laughs along the way. Proving that sometimes less is more, Herzog avoids camera tricks and unnecessary special effects by simply placing the film squarely outside Orlando's Twistee Treat, an ice cream cone-shaped building that causes a smile every time it shows up onscreen.

Filmed by John Herzog, an award-winning animator who switched to live action following the closing of Walt Disney's Animated Feature division in Orlando in 2004, "Twistee Treat" is an unabashedly sentimental, sweet and funny take on a story arc familiar to anyone who remembers the hold John Hughes films. "Twistee Treat" features a nice chemistry between leads Robert Newton and Brooke Eichelberger, and while neither is necessarily an acting tour-de-force, "Twistee Treat" merely requires that they serve up an attraction that builds throughout the film's 15 minute run-time and in this they succeed.

While a couple of the "advice" bits fall a bit flat, "Twistee Treat" is beautifully photographed and written with just the right blend of humor and heart by Adam Jensch and Zane Brodsky.