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Aisling Hunter, Jon Tamburini and John Wilde
C.J. Lazaretti
3 Mins.


 "The Turtle Terminator" Set for World Premiere in Glasgow 

Written and directed by C.J. Lazaretti, the under three-minute short film The Turtle Terminator is having its world premiere at March's Glasgow Short Film Festival, a perfect location for the film's unique and entertaining sensibilities. 

The Turtle Terminator tells the reflective story of a man who was bitten by a turtle as a child and, years later, reflects on how that experience and the scar left behind has impacted his love life. The film weaves together classic storytelling with experimental filmmaking that weaves together live action and animation into a story that says more than you might think within the slight space of a three minute film. 

The film's ensemble cast is uniformly strong, while Christopher Belsey's original music gives the film a quirky zest. The lensing by Sefa Ucbas is effective throughout the film's brief but well used running time. 

While there's much to be said about full-length films and even short films of a more traditional length, the truth is there's a tremendous challenge in putting together a memorable short film under five minutes. Lazaretti does so beautifully and should have no difficulty finding a home on the indie film fest circuit. The film will be screening:

Glasgow Short Film Festival
Blueprint: Scottish Independent Shorts showcase
Thu 16 Mar 21:15
CCA Theatre
(350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow G2 3JD, UK)
For ticket information, click here. 
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