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Justin Timpane, Alexia Poe, Lyon Beckwith
Justin Timpane
Justin Timpane, Alexia Poe
NR (Equiv. to "R")
90 Mins.

 "Trekoff: The Motion Picture" Available on Amazon Prime  

One never knows quite what to expect from filmmaker Justin Timpane, but after his Ninjas vs. trilogy that included Ninjas vs. Zombies, Ninjas vs. Vampires and Ninjas vs. Monsters, I'm almost certain that I didn't expect Trekoff: The Motion Picture, a lovingly yet naughtily created "fun-umentary" that is part doc, part bawdy comedy and part just plain ole' tribute to all things Trek.

Just released on DVD and VOD with Amazon, Trekoff: The Motion Picture is based upon the popular Trekoff podcast, a podcast adorably referenced throughout the film with a variety of special guests shouting out the tag line "Trekoff Bitches!" Indeed, if you took all the really fun sci-fi docs, such as Trekkies and Plastic Galaxy, and added in rampant innuendo, drinking, and a sort of living room feel then you'd have a good idea of what to expect from Trekoff: The Motion Picture.

The podcast is hosted by Timpane and Alexia Poe and the two are front-and-center  here both on and off the camera. The two have a delightfully open and fun chemistry that makes every minute of the film's 90-minute running time immensely fun and surprisingly warm-hearted. The two seemingly have a blast interviewing celebrities and fans attending sci-fi conventions and Star Trek conventions, while they also visit replica sets for the fan productions "Starship Farragut" and "Star Trek Contnues" and experience a Star Trek musical parody and even a Star Trek Burlesque show. While all of these things are a blast, I must confess that my favorite part of Trekoff: The Motion Picture is simply watching the rapport between Timpane and Poe, a rapport that leads to podcast segments, captured in the film, that are naughty and sweet and frequently hilarious.

Timpane, who has previously been interviewed by The Independent Critic, clearly has an immense love for the material. It's a passion that is brought beautifully to life in the film and blossoms due to his obvious comfort with the absolutely delightful and winning Poe. Poe may be familiar to audiences from her 2013 appearance in The Quantum Suicide of Sophie Miller, though she also appeared in two of Timpane's Ninja's films.

Trekoff: The Motion Picture may not necessarily qualify as brilliant cinema, but it's certainly one of the better fan films I've seen and a film filled with so much heart and humor and NSFW set-ups that you simply can't help but get caught up in its spirit. You've got the chance. I encourage you to either pick up the DVD or check it out on VOD. While you're at it, check out the podcast upon which all of this is based by visiting the Trekoff website.

© Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic