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Emily McMillen, Lisa Demumbrum, Patrick Cavanagh, Chris Cook, Ellen Brock
James Mannan
NR (Equiv. to "R")
79 Mins.

 "To Haunt You" Comes Out From Liberty or Death Productions 

Indy's own Liberty or Death Productions, reviewed by The Independent Critic on several occasions, is back in action with this 79-minute feature horror flick that has already been an official selection of GenCon and Days of the Dead before its current availability on DVD with a host of extras including a behind-the-scenes vignette, deleted scenes, a photo gallery, previews, and more. The unrated film is definitely for mature audiences and includes nudity, violence, and gore.

The film centers around Jill (Emily McMillen), who starts to experience a series of increasingly strange and violent happenings right after breaking up with her boyfriend, Greg (Patrick Cavanagh). The strange occurrences range from a constantly ringing phone with no one on the other end to frightening messages that go across her television screen and, perhaps most disturbingly, a strange teenage girl who is seemingly watching her home.

Is it really the harassment that she believes it is or is there something else going on?

While To Haunt You definitely gives off the lo-budget vibe, a bit unusual for the lo-budget yet technically proficient folks at Liberty or Death, the script is intelligently written by writer/director James Mannan, a longtime veteran of the Central Indiana stage and cinema scene. To Haunt You, likely to nobody's surprise, is at its absolute best when it's at its most suspenseful as Mannan has always had a knack for building suspense and framing a rather horrifying shot. The film is weaker in its more conversational scenes, primarily because these are the scenes where the film's technical limitations are most obvious.

With a talented cast of mostly local/regional performers, To Haunt You isn't likely to be mistaken for a film you'd check out at your local multiplex but it's a solid example of Indy's indie film scene and picking up the DVD is a terrific way to support these up-and-coming talents.

© Written by Richard Propes 
The Independent Critic