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Scotty Curlee, Jeremiah Bishop, Don Brooks, Jason Adam Chaffin, Ransford Doherty, Kera O'Bryon
Scotty Curlee
Scotty Curlee, Martin Montgomery
96 Mins.
EchoLight Studios


 "The Potential Inside" Hits Home Video on 1/15 
The latest home video release from up-and-coming faith based distributor EchoLight Studios, The Potential Inside is the inspirational story of pro cycling champion Chris Carmik (Scotty Curlee), a world class athlete whose dedication to being the best has often come at the expense of his wife (Kera O'Bryon) and daughter (Sophia Watson). Everything changes, however, when a tragic accident claims the life of his daughter. Chris bottoms out emotionally, nearly sinking an already troubled marriage.

An unexpected opportunity to coach an up-and-coming cyclist (Michael Cuddire) opens the door for Chris to start his own healing journey, a journey that means surrendering his life to Christ and attempting to heal his own guilt and marriage.

The Potential Inside is yet the latest example of the faith-based film community working to create quality films with a relevant message that will connect with contemporary audiences. While the film's faith-based foundation is unquestionable, it's also grounded in how faith is applicable to everyday life and in transcending one's most tragic events in life.

The film is written and directed by Scotty Curlee, who also excels in the lead role of Chris Carmik. Curlee's Carmik beautifully illustrates how easy it is for life "to happen" to such an intense degree that God gets replaced by the personal ambitions, success and fame. There's a wonderful scene near the film's end where Chris is explaining the spiritual connection he used to find in cycling, a connection that gave way to his own ego and drive. It's likely that non-faith based audiences will find this a tad melodramatic, but kudos to Curlee for giving us an honest and faithful look at how easy it is to get lost and how easy it is to become found once again.

Michael Cuddire is also tremendous as Jake, an athlete who takes a tragic circumstance and turns it into a chance to start cycling at an age when many cyclists are retiring. Kera O'Bryon, as Chris's wife, exudes warmth while also convincingly portraying a woman who is determined to rebuild her life. Ransford Doherty also is rock solid as Chris's coach and a source of support as he starts back on the healing journey.

The Potential Inside hits home video on January 15th at all the usual online and faith-based retailers, including Family Christian, Lifeway, and Amazon.

© Written by Richard Propes
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