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The Independent Critic

William Agnellino, Rick Bartholomay, Gregory Caponegro, Steven Caponegro, Alison Chase, Keith Cortright, Scott Curcio, Lenny D'Andrea, Anthony Demassi, Anthony Carsillo, Andrew Chase, Gregt Csaszar, Andy D'Andrea, Nick Damanio, Mike Ficcacci
Rocco Nisivoccia
71 Mins.
Cheezy Movies

 "The Noogies" a Weird, Fun Indie Doc 

Let's face it. We all love a movie where zeros become heroes. So, you can't help but root for The Noogies, a rather inept East Hanover, NJ men's softball team that has never had a winning season. We're catching up to the guys as a new season begins. There's a sense that a spark is needed and that spark comes in the form of longtime softball player Alison Chase, who agrees to coach the team and and teach them how to really play the game. 

The Noogies is a low-budget indie doc, a charming little flick if you approach it in the right frame of mind and with reasonable expectations. The film is casually directed, probably the best approach given the casual nature of these guys throughout the film's 71-minute running time. 

What's perhaps unexpected is just how much heart there actually is in The Noogies, from Alison's quite serious commitment to the team and to that same team's commitment to one another and respect for Alison. 

I kept expecting more punchlines than I was getting and, perhaps, even a more disrespectful approach toward Alison. Surprisingly, and refreshingly, these things never occurred and this truly did become a lo-fi but entertaining doc about a team of zeros working toward becoming those heroes. 

Production credits are fine throughout, though you're certainly not going to be blown away by it all. Director Rocco Nisivoccia tells an engaging story here and seems to be having fun doing it. Music by The Years Gone By is a welcome addition and Ralph Riccardi's editing work is solid throughout. 

The Noogies has worked its way around the indie distribution scene for the last few years now before being picked up by the fine folks at Cheezy Movies to be maintained as part of their ever growing archive of B-movies, bad movies, and bits and pieces of everything else. All of Cheezy Movies' flicks are reasonably priced and delightful additions to a private collection. Check 'em out and give this film a chance. 

Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic