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Ray Bergen, Kathy McCort, Timothy J. Cox, Colleen Sproull, Kate McGarrigle, Mike Drew, Erin Patrick Miller
Chase Pearson
11 Mins.


 "The Jungle of Accounting" a Fun, Inspired Short 
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Ray Bergen in "The Jungle of Accounting"

There's lots of inspired fun to be found in writer/director Chase Pearson's award-winning 11-minute short film The Jungle of Accounting, a retro-vibed almost mockumentary styled comedic short centered around Charles (Ray Bergen, Timothy J. Cox) and Maryanne Bailey (Kathy McCort, Colleen Sproull), owners of a small accounting firm who gather to reflect on their past assistants from the 80's. 

With hints of The Office, The Jungle of Accounting dips into the absurdity of office life to realize office mates we've likely all known from the enthusiastic be-sweatered Jimmy Doyle (Erin Patrick Miller) to the hilarious histrionics of Kate McGarrigle's Amy to Coco Conroy's Rebecca Simon and beyond. 

If you've ever worked in an office, you've probably met these folks. 

The film vacillates between 80's Charles (Cox) and Maryanne (Sproull) and our modern day Baileys (Bergen and McCort), an approach that works well as this comedic foursome complements each other quite nicely. Cox and Bergen, in particular, manage to bear such a striking resemblance to one another that even as a critic who has reviewed quite a few Cox shorts I did a double-take to see if Cox was pulling off a major aging trick here. 

You never quite know with Cox. 

Michael Drew narrates the quirky little film throughout, a fun little touch that adds to the zaniness of it all, while Daniel Chang's lensing gives the film an inspired, almost claustrophobic feeling that makes us glad we're not working with these folks in closed spaces. The Jungle of Accounting picked up four awards at the September IndieX Film Festival including Outstanding Achievement Award - Original Screenplay, Best Student Director - Male, Best Dark Comedy Short, and Best Mockumentary. 

An inspired and fun short, The Jungle of Accounting benefits from a terrific ensemble and Pearson's own creative storytelling reportedly inspired by stories from his own grandparents. For more information on the film, visit its official IMDB page linked to in the credits. 

Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic