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Josette Dubois, Christina McAlpine and Jesse Fresco
Brandon Bentley
15 Mins.

 "The Crossing" Plays at Horrorfind Film Festival 
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This ultra-low budget zombie flick written and directed by Brandon Bentley was an official selection of the 2012 Horrorfind Film Festival, a film festival that included some other films reviewed by The Independent Critic such as Jennifer Campbell's Hike, Patrick Rea's Nailbiter and Lee Doll's Dangerous Deception.

One big thing I've learned from reviewing a large number of microcinema productions is that there's a "low budget" film then there's a LOW budget film.

"Low budget" films are low budget films in the financial sense of the term, but they often benefit from either having sponsors or the filmmaker's wealth of film industry connections that allows for a higher quality than one could reasonably expect from a true microcinema production.

Then, there's the LOW budget film. These are the films where up-and-coming filmmakers are truly starting out either by financing pictures themselves or by truly working on a paper thin budget.

My gut tells me that The Crossing, which has a production budget listed at $1,500 on IMDB, is a LOW budget film. It's the kind of film where you're watching it to see if you have a potential filmmaker, cast and crew or if this is going to be an amusing Saturday afternoon hobby. If you're going to make a LOW budget film, then a zombie flick is a great way to start. Audiences for indie horror are faithful and, quite honestly, many expect a certain cheesy quality anyway. The Crossing isn't a brilliant film, but it's a promising film for all involved with Bentley's script showing genuine horror potential and Josette Dubois able to convey genuine emotion in a not so genuine genre.

Filmed in Bowie, Maryland, The Crossing shows me enough that I'll be anxiously awaiting Bentley's next production to see what he has up his sleeve as a filmmaker.