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The Independent Critic

Michael LiCastri, Linnea Quigley, Edwin Neal, Marty Marrero, Brian Ballance, Ed Colon, Keith Surplus
Michael LiCastri
73 Mins.

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Michael LiCastri's The Best Laid Plans is a slightly dark action comedy centered around three college grads struggling to make ends meet with Kevin (LiCastri) in the worst predicament as he and his family are about to lose their home and they have little hope of getting their hands on enough cash to keep it from happening. With buddies Allen (David Plowden) and John (Keith Surplus) by his side, Kevin is mostly prone to hare-brained schemes destined to fail and destined to no come up with the cash. However, when they find out about the lottery winnings of a former classmate, Tommy (Brian Ballance), the trio concocts an even darker plan to kidnap him with the intention of snagging just enough cash to save the house. 

After all, they don't want ALL of his money. 

The Best Laid Plans is designed as a darkly hued action comedy and it benefits from the natural chemistry of its leading trio and a stand-out performance by Brian Ballance as Tommy. Ballance's appearance in the film is an instant lift in energy and spark for the film it completely nails the tone needed for this misfit situational comedy. The film also benefits from brief yet enjoyable appearances by beloved Scream Queen Linnea Quigley and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre's Edwin Neal. While they are given a whole lot to do, their appearance here is an undeniable boost. 

At a running time of a mere 73 minutes, The Best Laid Plans tells its story briskly and with a strong sense of naturalism. Lensing by Scott Sullivan is solid throughout, overall fairly basic but effective and Sullivan accomplishes quite a bit despite the film's modest budget. 

While The Best Laid Plans isn't likely to be confused with awards season fare, it's a competently made feature flick from an up-and-coming writer/director and I'm definitely always a fan of supporting indie projects. 

Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic