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Lenny Holman, Coner Hegarty, Tristan McConnell, James Martinez, Amy Dunne, John McCarthy (Narrator)
Lenny Holman

 "The Avalon" Review 
A diplomat named Boru (Lenny Holman) takes a pre-emptive strike and steals a valuable relic known as The Avalon, a valuable weapon in the right hands. He leads those who will follow him into a bog and, eventually, into war within an area known as the white forest.

Holman also directs the film, a relatively higher budgeted short (estimated at 5,000 Euros) filled with lots of action, special effects and a vibe that Holman accurately describes as a cross between Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings. Shot on location in Ireland, The Avalon is a beautiful film to behold with a final two minutes that will captivate you and leave you wishing the film had run just a wee bit longer.

There are times that The Avalon, at just under seven minutes, feels like it's a teaser trailer for a feature-length film with a story that practically begs to be drawn out and characters who manage to create intrigue even without the usual comfort of spoken dialogue. There's a meditative quality about the film, both in terms of its sound and sight, and even amidst the action there's a strange calm that seems to accompany the entire film.

For more information on The Avalon, be sure to visit the film's website linked to the left and, of course, watch the film for yourself immediately above this review.

© Written by Richard Propes
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