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The Independent Critic

Written and Directed by
Jason Marsden
Krista Allen, Rick Hoffman, Carmen Perez, Marina Benedict
Running Time

 "The Author: Locker 13" Review 
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Locker 13 is a seven-art anthology feature film, each having a different writer, director and cast, with each story being connected by a rather mysterious Locker 13.  The Author is one of the seven vignettes, written and directed by Jason Marsden, centering around an author (Rick Hoffman) who kidnaps three women (Krista Allen, Carmen Perez and Marina Benedict) in an effort to find out who hired him for a recent "assignment" and to find an ending for his book.

The Author begins eerily, reflections of the Saw series of horror films inevitably coming to mind as we find these three women trapped in a room with seemingly no way to escape. In this short, however, their keeper never masks himself. While his motivations are not initially revealed, the author is seen fully front and center and immediately begins toying with our captives.

The Author has the feeling of a film that is part of an anthology. While the film certainly stands on its own and, as noted, is only connected to the other vignettes by Locker 13, there's an overriding feeling while watching the film, which was done prior to knowledge of it existing as an anthology, that something is missing here.

It's not the cast. The ensemble cast does a fine job of portraying the film's suspense, while Marsden works well within the confines of this captive situation. Marsden, whom some may recall from the delightful short Animated American and a variety of television work, clearly has an eye for creating suspense through imagery and The Author unfolds at a pace that is both taunting and thrilling.

Currently playing as part of the 2010 HollyShorts Film Festival, The Author: Part of Locker 13 gives every indication that Marsden is as comfortable behind the camera as he is onscreen.