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The Independent Critic

David Graziano, Diane Porter, Christine Perla
Skip Shea, Mike Messier
15 Mins.

 "The Actor" a Unique, Entertaining Short 

David Graziano is The Actor in the 15-minute short film The Actor, a quiet little film about love lost, love regained, and learning how to live with the decisions that one makes along the way. In this case, Graziano's Actor is trying to come to terms with the women he loves, The Muse (Christine Perla), We learn about the Actor's downward spiral after leaving through a vehicle that is likely not that uncommon for anyone who has studied acting, through an acting lesson provided by a character known only as the Coach (Diane Porter).

Shot in a simple, straightforward yet quite effective way by D.P. William Smyth, The Actor is an intimate film because Smyth's lensing allows tremendous focus on the facial expressions of the characters themselves. While these expressions aren't exactly what one would refer to as emotionally resonant, they explore the thoughts, feelings and ideas that are going on behind everything that is said and everything that occurs in The Actor.

Graziano convinces as the Actor, a man who is obviously devoted to his craft yet who at times seems to lack the discipline to handle both his relationships and his acting. Diane Porter is effectively straightforward as the Coach, a woman whose questions are obviously probing and guiding for something deeper. While largely given less to work with, Christine Perla does a nice job as The Muse.

Steven Lanning-Cafaro's original score accompanies the film quite nicely without ever dominating it or manipulating it. An understated and thought-provoking short film, The Actor will likely resonate deeply with anyone of an artistic bent who has dealt with the weaving together of one's craft and one's daily life.

© Written by Richard Propes 
The Independent Critic