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The Independent Critic

Emma Rozanski
Jan Langford Penny
Running Time
12 Mins.

 "The Storymaker" Review 

"The Storymaker" is a dark fable from Aussie writer/director Emma Rozanski, the tale of a woman (Jan Langford Penny) on her deathbed whose life has been dedicated to creating stories for the world. The fable, essence, reveals the battle between the commercialization of creativity and the sinister forces behind it and those whose gifts are creative.

Hypnotically animated, "The Storymaker" is impossible to not watch even as it remains difficult throughout the film's 12 minute runtime to fully comprehend all the goings on of the Storymaker. While the storyline itself is confusing, the devastating imagery is undeniably pointed as the Storymaker seeks to hold off the sinister forces on the last day of her life.

In a culture of exploitation, it seems, even her death has become fair game for those who seek to profit from the stories told and untold from others.