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The Independent Critic

Chad Cowan
111 Mins.

 "Stormlapse" a Meditative, Mesmerizing Experience 

Chad Cowan's Stormlapse is a mesmerizing experience, a meditative piece of quietly experimental cinema bringing to life Cowan's 10-year history of chasing storms across America's tornado alley. Stormlapse beautifully realizes Cowan's goal of capturing the awe inspiring beauty of nature in the most extreme and violent weather on earth. Cowan's current film project is a collection of timelapses of these supercells shot in 8k resolution.

Accompanied almost solely by a soothing symphonic score, Cowan's Stormlapse is an immersive film that begs to be seen on as big a screen as possible and it's a film that would be hypnotically beautiful on an IMAX. 

Seriously, get Stormlapse on IMAX.

"Growing up in Kansas, the epicenter of severe weather on the planet, Cowan quickly became obsessed with thunderstorms. Inspired by a few timely weather-related gifts from his grandfather at a young age, Cowan decided he wanted to chase them once he had his driver's license," shares the Stormlapse website. Cowan has traveled over 150,000 miles chasing storms and is an award-winning photographer and licensed UAV pilot whose film covers the last six years of his journeys. He's won awards from National Geographic and the All About Photo International Contest and, indeed, after watching Stormlapse you'll be in awe of his photographic work. 

Admittedly, at nearly two hours in length there are times when Stormlapse doesn't quite land with its desired impact. The same original score that beautifully, at times masterfully, accompanies the sound and visuals of the storms can also become a wee bit repetitive and tiresome no matter how beautiful the imagery. However, this is a minor concern for an otherwise visually arresting and distinctly unique cinematic experience. 

Currently entering its festival journey, Stormlapse is likely to have its greatest successes in indie, experimental, or similarly themed fest experiences where its awe-inspiring beauty will be most appreciated. 

For more information on Stormlapse, visit the film's website linked to in the credits. 

Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic