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The Independent Critic

Written and Directed by
Gerard Lough
Natasha O'Brien, Sasha Phillips, Michael Parle
Running Time

 "The Stolen Wings" Review 

In Irish writer/director Gerard Lough's The Stolen Wings, a babysitter (Natasha O'Brien) tells a bedtime story to a not so sleepy little girl (Sasha Phillips), a story presented in a sort of sing-song pattern complemented nicely by O'Brien's beautiful Irish accent blending in with simple yet effective in-camera visuals including stop-motion and light painting along with Cian Furlong's excellent original score.

While the story is delivered rather traditionally, the images that surround our characters hint not so subtly at a darker, more mysterious story going on within this potentially fractured fairy tale. While The Stolen Wings feels a tad short at a mere 4:34 run time, Lough manages to create an involving and compelling film that leaves you wanting more.

Production values are a touch lower than one might hope given what Lough is trying to accomplish here with the mix of live-action performances and camera techniques, yet Lough clearly gets everything he can out of both cast and camera. O'Brien performs believably as a rather mysterious babysitter, while Sasha Phillips is appropriately adorable as the young girl.

Shot on location in Ireland, The Stolen Wings is currently on the film festival circuit.