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David C. Lynch
6 Mins.


 "Stay" a Touching, Thought-Provoking Short Film 
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Here's a tip. 

If you're putting together a film festival and looking for a meaningful, thought-provoking and incredibly touching film involving animals, then you really need to look the way of Irish writer/director David C. Lynch's incredibly moving 6-minute Stay, a film about a precious yorkshire terrier who awakens to an empty house. As our rather incredible dog winds around the house, we become increasingly involved in the story that's unfolding and, maybe even moreso, the unspoken tale of this obviously loyal and determined animal. 

As night falls, the story unwinds and our ever loyal creature finds its master and settles in for loyalty defined. 

With the exception of one brief moment, there are no human characters to be found in Stay. We are left to observe the silent searchings of a yorkshire terrier that may very well qualify as a better actor than a good majority of the indie actors I've seen this year. The search, while obviously silent, is filled with emotionally resonant pauses (Maybe I should call them "pawses?") and unforgettable lensing that makes you feel like you're sharing in the journey yourself. 

The use of shadows is excellent, while the navigation of the house is done cleverly but not manipulatively. It's never completely clear exactly what's going on and whether we're seeing the cutest animal film of the year or if we should be expecting something even more substantial. 

Actually, both would be true. 

Originally released in May at the Galway Film Fleadh, Stay is a simple yet unforgettable film that will likely make you want to rush home and hug whatever loyal creature companions your life. 

© Written by Richard Propes 
The Independent Critic