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The Independent Critic

Crystal Porter Bazemore, Jennifer Althen Beacham
Tawan Bazemore
15 Mins.

 "Sound" Set for Diversity in Cannes Showcase 

Writer/director Tawan Bazemore's 15-minute experimental, inspired short film Sound has already experienced quite a bit of success on the indie fest circuit on the way to its screening next week as part of Diversity in Cannes on May 22nd. Starring Crystal Porter Bazemore, Sound experientially tells the story of photographer Isabelle Pisano who becomes hearing impaired following a catastrophic car accident. Struggling to survive in this new world in which she finds herself, she is at first overjoyed then somehow even more traumatized when her hearing seemingly comes back a year later. 

It has been said about Sound that "sound" is, indeed, a character all unto itself in the emotionally chaotic, visually arresting film. Working as a companion to Crystal Porter Bazemore's stand-out performance, the film's audio experience, complete in Dolby 5.1, is an entirely immersive experience that should definitely be experienced on the best screen with the best sound system possible. As the audience, we become overwhelmed right alongside Isabelle and credit must be given to Bazemore's direction as he simply never lets up in amping up the entire sensory experience. 

Sound has already picked up 10 awards along its festival journey and it seems unfathomable that it won't pick up a few more along the way. It's a unique experience pretty far removed from the usual festival fare and fans of indie cinema are destined to really love this film. 

The music by Jeffrey Alan Jones is intoxicating, while Bazemore's own lensing is hypnotic and constantly unjarring. Porter Bazemore herself contributes the film's production design, a design that vacillates between ethereal normalcy and unnerving suspense. 

An enthralling and engaging experience from beginning to end, Sound tells a most unique story and it's a story you're unlikely to forget anytime soon.

Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic