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The Independent Critic

Jade Mark, Keith Parr, William Cheung, Paul Hilts
Geoff Woodbridge
140 Mins.
The Movie Agency

 "Some Girls Wander" Prepares for U.S. Distribution 

Some Girls Wander is a curious little film, a first effort by writer/director Geoff Woodbridge that meanders its way around and through 80s-90s pop culture through the persons of No (Jade Mark) and Ken (Keith Parr), two equally curious sorts whose lives as two homeless people living on opposite benches is brought vividly, and occasionally quite poignantly, to life in this film that picked up the Best Feature Film prize at the Brighton Rocks International Film Festival and is now getting set after its short fest run to move into distribution including here in the U.S.

As portrayed by Keith Parr, Ken is a crusty old guy and clearly the more weathered of the two. He's clearly been at this life for a while and shows his concern for the obvious newbie who seemed charmed by and wary of the old guy. We catch on rather quickly that Ken has clearly had another life other than his current circumstances, his pop culture awareness surpassing just about anyone yet he is where he is and Woodbridge's script takes him at that. 

Newcomer Jade Mark gives a freshness to No that is warranted, yet there are layers upon layers of life experience and woundedness and Mark brings it all to life quite nicely. She's somewhat protective of her protector, though she's lived long enough to keep him at arm's length and Mark sparks as both a young woman who's been hurt and who wants to keep others from that hurt. 

Shot in pristine black-and-white, Some Girls Wander has an earthiness that works well for the film and Woodbridge for the most avoids expected histrionics in the film. While the film unquestionably meanders too much and could use some tightening, it's an effective little indie with two terrific performances that are front-and-center and engaging, entertaining dialogue from Woodbridge despite those occasional moments where it all becomes a bit too obvious.

A solid first effort from Woodbridge, Some Girls Wander is proof that you can make an engaging and involving film on practically no budget and it'll be interesting to watch how the film plays stateside. For more information on the film, visit the Some Girls Wander Facebook page linked to in the credits. 

Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic