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Tom Sparx, Scott Ganyo, Angela Plank, Michael Harris, Michelle Gussow, Louie Lawless, Ladonna Pettijohn, Doug Bolton
Michelle Gussow
30 Mins.

 "Soldier's Song" a True Story with Deep Meaning 
In Michelle Gussow's Soldier's Song, an injured soldier wages a personal war against paralysis, pain and altered perceptions as he returns home with his life permanently changed. A 30-minute short from Indy filmmaker Gussow, Soldier's Song has been featured at the Indy Artists' Peace Project's Reel Hope Film Festival, a fact that likely gives a glimpse into the soul of the intelligently written and well informed film.

Soldier's Song is based on a true story, though after watching the film it's hard not to believe that it would be based upon multiple true stories of men and women returning from war with their minds and bodies forever changed by their experiences. Filmed in Logansport, Indiana, Soldier's Song is a fairly straightforward 30-minute drama made better by its convincing lead performances of Tom Sparx and Scott Ganyo. The film also features original music by Nick Cappelletti and Moises Bolanos, music that gives the film a nice emotional resonance in its more dramatic scenes.

Tech credits for the film are solid throughout, especially the camera work of Nathaniel Savidge. Savidge captures the film's intimacy, though at times the facial close-ups feel invasive and jarring. Then again, this may very well be intentional in giving the viewer a sense of the unsettled mind of the film's characters.

For more information on Soldier's Song, visit the film's Facebook page listed in the credits to the left.

© Written by Richard Propes
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