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Timothy J. Cox, Joseph Di Stefano, Monica Servellon, and Ryan Moore
April Schroer
8 Mins.

 "Sky's the Limit" a Well Meaning Short  

Jason (Timothy J. Cox) is a recent widow trying to find new love. Frankie (Joseph Di Stefano) is his young son, obviously grieving in his own way and longing for attention from a father whose attention seems to have strayed.

In her writing/directing debut, April Schroer has crafted a sensitive and touching portrayal of a father/son relationship on the brink - it's the kind of story that isn't exactly rare in the indie world, but it's the kind of film that is ideal for a short film as Schroer chooses to take a slice of this relationship and draw us in to how significant the seemingly insignificant can really be as two people struggle to adapt to loss and life in different yet necessarily connected ways.

Cox, a regular fixture on the indie short scene these days and often reviewed on The Independent Critic, shows us a different side to his acting than we usually see on screen, while young Di Stefano makes for a sympathetic and authentic young boy.

Sky's the Limit feels just a touch short, a good thing I suppose as that says it's an involving story and it wraps up just a bit too nicely, but it's a solid debut from newcomer Schroer and it'll be interesting to watch her grow as a filmmaker.

© Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic