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Dagny Backer-Johnsen, Trond Teigen, Nicholas Boulton
James Morgan
11 Mins.

 Thought-Provoking "Seven" Screens at Indy Shorts Film Festival 

Dagny Backer-Johnsen brings to mind a young, Winter's Bone era Jennifer Lawrence in writer/director James Morgan's thought-provoking and suspense-filled 11-minute narrative short film Seven, a finalist at the inaugural Indy Shorts International Film Festival in Indianapolis and an unforgettable drama. 

The film stars Backer-Johnsen as Yohana, a teenage girl from a remote community in the Norwegian Arctic who must choose the fate of an oil rig worker who has killed her father, a tradition that is rooted deep within the village's customs and also a tradition that will determine the very future of her people. 

At a mere 11 minutes in running time, Seven builds up the drama quickly and spends the majority of its time moving toward young Yohana's unfathomable decision that vacillates within that vast chasm between modern and tradition, the conflict magnificently set within the film's picturesque yet harsh landscapes and overwhelming seacliffs in a world where new enemies are rising to challenge old ways. 

Morgan's direction is taut, disciplined and the film's imagery is as unshakeable as is Backer-Johnsen's facial expressions as the time for her decision nears and the fate of this man is to be determined. 

Seven is screening as part of the Finalist Shorts 2 Collection at the following times:

  • Friday, July 27th at 4:30pm inside The Toby at Newfields
  • Saturday, July 28th at 3:45pm inside The Toby at Newfields

For more information on Indy Shorts, visit the Indy Shorts website for the festival's schedule and ticketing info. 

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