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Christopher Dobbs, Jr.
Christopher Dobbs, Jr.
11 Mins.

 "Sea-Tectives" Screens at 2018 Indy Film Fest 

Christopher Dobbs, Jr. is front-and-center in the 11-minute short film Sea-Tectives, an 11-minute short film about a duo of detectives who grapple with the most difficult case of their career while simultaneously dealing with the impact of their rising stardom within their city. 

Sea-Tectives is an entertaining animated short in which Dobbs himself contributes all the vocal work in addition to writing, directing, editing, and doing the film's animation and art design. It's quite the effort, a parody of old school serialized detective fiction inspired by the likes of Sherlock Holmes, The Hardy Boys, and the Nancy Drew Mysteries. In this case, however, everything is set in a beautifully animated underwater world where the heroes, a lobster and a clam, struggle with their vastly differing opinions about the value of their work and their ever increasing fame. 

Sea-Tectives is screening in the Shorts 1: Animation Nation block of shorts during the 2018 Indy Film Festival being held at Newfields in Midtown Indy. The film is in competition amongst American Spectrum and Hoosier Lens films. 

The film is a delight to watch, Dobbs's vocal work has a noirish tone to it and is perfectly companioned by Joshua Kattner's spot-on original music. 

For more information on Indy Film Fest, visit the Indy Film Fest website. 

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