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Kris Swinnen
Esteban Uribe
7 Mins.

 "Schlock Fish" an Amusing Indie Comedy Short 

Olav Zanger (Kris Swinnen) is a solitary fisherman who seeks revenge on the "Dimpled Chin Schlock Fish," a dastardly little fish that leaps out of the water and rips his eyeball off.

Sound quirky?

It is.

Written and directed by Esteban Uribe, Schlock Fish feels like what would happen if Larry, Darryl, and his other brother Darryl were to suddenly find themselves transplanted as loner fishermen in a comic version of Deliverance.

I know. I can't really explain it either, but it makes sense in my mind.

Winner of an Award of Merit in the Accolade Competition and having played in several indie fests, Schlock Fish is a low-key, consistently funny short film that essentially turns into a series of increasingly outlandish attempts by Olav to gain revenge on the Schlock Fish. As Olav, Kris Swinnen did very little yet had me laughing throughout the film. While Swinnen's tonally perfect performance had much to do with that, credit must also be given to D.P. Lukasz Pruchnik and Art Director Veronica Puche along with Uribe's spot-on comic instincts and editing work.

Schlock Fish is the kind of quiet little short that sneaks up on you at a film fest. While it's likely too straightforward to capture many fest prizes, it's the kind of short that you look back on a few days after a festival and think to yourself "Man, I really liked that short."

© Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic