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Selena Moreno, Will Lurie
Madison Campione
Madison Campione (Written by), Troy Campione (Written by), Shannon Solis (Story Consultant)
13 Mins.

 "Remembrance" a Unique Father-Daughter Cinematic Effort 
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Directed by Madison Campione in her directorial debut, the 13-minute short film Remembrance is an involving dramatic thriller about a young woman whose access to a ground-breaking memory recall technology allows her to discover the truth about the mysterious disappearance of her twin sister. The story, which Campione wrote alongside her father, award-winning Bay Area filmmaker Troy Campione, is an involving and suspenseful one with an ethereal quality not that far removed from recent Pablo Larrain efforts yet accessible enough that one could also see it playing on late night television. 

Yeah, I know. That's a weird combo. Just go with it. 

The dual role of the sisters is tackled by Selena Moreno, who has one of those "I've seen her before faces," in this case probably because you've seen her from her previous auditions for "American Idol" as part of that show's seasons 12 and 13. While "American Idol" fame was not to be found, it was certainly a door opener for Moreno, whose classic beauty and mixture of sensuality with vulnerability are a perfect fit here. Will Lurie also is terrific as Conner, whose role in everything slowly unfolds over the course of the film's 13-minute running time. 

Remembrance isn't necessarily ground-breaking cinema, though it's proof positive of Campione's artistic sensibility and clarity of vision. The sophomore at University of Southern California has not only clearly watched those around her growing up, but she's learned how to trust her own artistic voice. Keep listening to that voice. 

In addition to co-writing the film, Troy Campione's lensing for Remembrance enhances the film's suspense and serves as a perfect companion for Megan McDuffee's tense yet intimate tones. 

Remembrance is set for its world premiere at March's Cinequest Film Festival in what one can only hope will be a lengthy run on the indie fest circuit. For more information on Remembrance, visit the film's website linked to in the credits and watch for it at a festival near you. 

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