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The Independent Critic

Katy O'Brian, Lec Zorn, Lash Gibson
James Wallace Jr.
17 Mins.

 "Remedy of a Killer" a Stylish but not Particularly Substantial Thriller Short 

Advice lies in the barrel of a loaded gun...

So it goes with writer/director James Wallace Jr.'s indie action/thriller short film Remedy of a Killer, the story of hit-man named Carlos (Matt Christman) who senses betrayal when he confronts his partners, Nancy (Katy O'Brian) and John (Brian Stuart Boyd). It's a confrontation where only one person will survive.

Remedy of a Killer is a stylish action/thriller that starts off timidly yet gets stronger over the course of its 17-minute running time, more than a little of this being because of the disciplined, rather intense performance of Katy O'Brian. Once the action truly centers around the three key players, Remedy of a Killer begins to live into the stylish tone set by D.P. Jim Dougherty and Virgil Franklin's original music.

The recently completed film, an Indiana-based production, has a retro vibe and illustrates that Wallace knows how to get a decent bang for his buck. It's not a flawless film, but it's a film that stays with you after the closing credits have rolled.

Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic