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The Independent Critic

James Morley, Gillian Wetherald, Michael Pez
James McDougall
12 Mins.

 "Red Love" a Twisted Horror Short 

Red Love is a solid, low-budget horror short from writer/director James McDougall about two serial killers, Sam (James Morley) and Judy (Gillian Wetherald), who meet serendipitously while trying to murder each other. Once they realize that they are truly one and the same, they embark on a seriously strange first date.

At a running time of just under 12 minutes, Red Love is sort of a joyful, faux romantic affair in which our two serial killing lovebirds, plus one seriously unlucky parking cop (Michael Pez), spend most of the film's running time doing what they do and doing it well.

Red Love is most likely to find a spot on the indie/underground or horror fest circuit where its off-kilter sensibility will be most appreciated by audiences. The relationship between Sam and Judy is the most successful aspect of the film, a strangely believable relationship both endearing and demented in presentation. There's a certain absurdity to the entire affair, an absurdity my gut tells me is entirely intentional even if it's not entirely successful.

For more information on Red Love, visit the film's website linked to in the credits on the left.

© Written by Richard Propes
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