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Wayne Gibson
61 Mins.

 "The Race of Gentlemen" Screening at Indy Film Fest 

An official selection in the doc feature category at the 2017 Indy Film Fest going on at Indianapolis Museum of Art from July 13-23, 2017, Wayne Gibson's just over one hour The Race of Gentlemen gives viewers an inside glimpse at The Race of Gentlemen, an annual event along the beaches of Wildwood, New Jersey in which those who gather scoff at the contemporary in favor of "traditional" racing involving pre-1935 cars that are restricted to replacement or add-on parts from the 1950's at the very latest. Additionally, The Race of Gentlemen includes motorcycles all dating from before 1947. 

Fans of racing will likely revel in Gibson's casual and laid back affection for the race, an affection that is obvious throughout the film as evidenced by both his enthusiasm and rather simplified, at times too simplified, approach to the race and an approach that could be described as reverent for those who compete. 

The Race of Gentlemen is screening twice during Indy Film Fest including Sunday, July 16th at 11:45am in IMA's The Toby and Friday, July 21st at 4pm inside DeBoest Lecture Hall at IMA. 

It's abundantly clear from The Race of Gentlemen that there is both style and substance to be found during the race, the beach setting evoking memories of retro-styled racing and a 50's aura that floats over everything that unfolds in the film. 

The Race of Gentlemen, the event, began in 2008 when founder Mel Stultz and other members of the motorcycle club "The Oilers" visualized an event to keep the traditional, pre-1950's, style racing alive. Almost unexpectedly receiving the support of Wildwood's mayor, the event is open to entrants from around the world and TROG, as it is often referred, attracts many repeat racers for what has become a compelling tribe of traditional racers who gather for three days annually and who are as unique and interesting as this race that they participate in. 

While The Race of Gentlemen becomes a tad repetitive given Gibson's fondness for interviews, this is a minor quibble for what should prove to be one of Indy Film Fest's more popular doc selections in 2017. 

© Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic