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Shelly Martinez, Naomi Cruz, Diana Prince, Cassandra St. James, Shirley Harper, Lynette Nechayeva, Liana Mendoza, Robert Ambrose
Corbin Timbrook
Antonio Hernandez
Equiv. to "R"
85 Mins.
Lost Empire Films

 "Porn Shoot Massacre" Arrives on Home Video 

If you're actually picking up a film called Porn Shoot Massacre and expecting it to be high quality cinema, then you are most assuredly not the film's targeted audience. If, however, you're a devotee of B-movies and low-budget indie horror, then there's much fun to be had with an otherwise godawful film. 

In the film seven unlucky adult film stars, all women, are about to switch genres from porn to gore (and no, not a James Wan film). Will any of them make it out alive? The film actually does cast several porn stars, a fact that ups the film's T&A factor considerably but pretty much puts the nail in the coffin of any expected quality acting. 

To their credit, director Corbin Timbrook and screenwriter Antonio Hernandez clearly know what they've created here and they're determined to have quite a bit of fun with it. Porn Shoot Massacre is on the lighter side of horror fare with ample doses of humor and all those things you hope to see from your indie horror - beautiful girls, large breasts, decent killings, a midget, tongue in cheek humor and, well, did I mention the large breasts? 

The acting isn't credible and, for that matter, Hernandez's dialogue doesn't really help matters much. There's nothing in Porn Shoot Massacre that ever crosses the line into unwatchable and for the most part it's sort of a goofy little guilty pleasure of a film for B-movie fans. 

Robert Ambrose is funny as the eccentric director tasked with wrangling, or is that mangling, his gathered actresses while none of our leading actresses will win acting prizes but they adequately do what they are called to do here. 

There's simply not a whole lot to be written about a film with a name so obvious you know exactly what to expect and you get it. 

Does Porn Shoot Massacre pique your curiosity? 

Then it may very well be your type of film. 

© Written by Richard Propes 
The Independent Critic