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The Independent Critic

Antonio Padovan
Mark Epperson, Catherine Mary Stewart, Brittany Moore, Joe Zaso, James Price
15 Mins.

 "Perry St." Review 

The film revolves around the stories of Ryan (Mark Epperson) and his therapist Elaine (Catherine Mary Stewart), their love lives and their attempts to solve their problems. Written & Directed by Antonio Padovan.


Perry St evolves around Ryan (Mark Epperson), a perplexing therapy patient who seems to bewilder his therapist, Elaine (Catherine Mary Stewart), until he begins dating Sophie (Brittany Moore) and begins discovering what may very well be missing in his life.

While Ryan is the patient, Perry St smartly creates a depth of humanity for both therapist and client as they weave their way through their individual romantic issues and life struggles. While Sophie helps Ryan to see another side of life, it is primarily when Elaine begins resolving her own issues with her husband, Jake (James Price), that she begins to become a more effective therapist.

Nicely paced and intelligently written by writer/director Antonio Padovan, Perry St is nicely lensed by Redmond Stevenson, who manages to capture both the grandness and intimacy of Manhattan. Catherine Mary Stewart, a steady actress in Hollywood for the last 20 years most widely known for late 80's flicks Weekend at Bernies and The Last Starfighter, is particularly convincing as a therapist at her wit's end to to help her seemingly stuck patient. Mark Epperson does a nice job as the patient, though his chemistry with Brittany Moore's Sophie is lacking and that causes a bit of a lag in the film's mid-section. That said, Brittany Moore is a delight, a hilarious blend of quirks and confidence that you can't help but adore.