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Raja Fenske, Fernanda Romero and Danny Trejo
Jairaj Walia
87 Mins.
FilmWorks Entertainment
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 "Pendejo" Arrives on Home Video 
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The director of Pendejo would have you believe that the word's translation from Spanish to English is as simple as "idiot," a word used to describe lead character Jai (Raja Fenske, Nickelodeon's Unfabulous) quite often. It's not really that simple. In fact, a more literal translation would be "pubic hair." It's a term used in anger to describe someone unpleasant, definitely an accurate way to describe Jai.

A new release on home video from FilmWorks Entertainment, Pendejo is a romantic comedy involving a spoiled party boy named Jai who is forced to stare real life in the face when he's given the ultimatum of working as a janitor in the family company or risk losing his substantial inheritance. Despite tremendous reluctance, Jai tries to adapt to his new role and, as you might expect, along the way he learns valuable life lessons and that being an adult really isn't all that bad.

The film co-stars Danny Trejo (Grindhouse, Machete, From Dusk 'Til Dawn) as a tea drinking, machete wielding father of Jai's girlfriend (Fernanda Romero) . Written and directed by Jairaj Walia, Pendejo is very clearly designed to address both Indian and Latin Cultures but it does so in a light and entertaining way. The film also co-stars Marissa Caprielian (Entourage), Sevier Crespo (Fast Lane) and Darlene Vazquetelles (Kings of South Beach) among others.

On a certain level, Pendejo very much feels like a Latin Adam Sandler film, especially Sandler's earlier works where he played the "idiot" who was likable but who ultimately had to do some growing up before film's end. The same very much happens in this film, though the film is well cast with Trejo and Laksh Singh especially making a good impression.

Pendejo hits the streets on May 21st with the usual solid packaging from FilmWorks Entertainment. For more information on the film, visit the FilmWorks website for the film.

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