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The Independent Critic

Lance Kinsey, Louie Liberti, Sadie Shapiro
Anthony Lucero
4 Mins.

 "Pay It Forward" Screens at Indy Shorts 

Lance Kinsey, Louie Liberti from "Pay It Forward."
© blue sun pictures 

Anthony Lucero returns to the world of Heartland Film to world premiere his new comedy short Pay It Forward, a 4-minute laffer about a grandfather (Lance Kinsey) whose car accidentally knocks over a motorcycle. When the bike's owner (Louie Liberti) arrives on the scene, he's forced to decide whether to make him pay up or pay it forward. 

A simple scenario played completely for laughs, Pay It Forward is an amusing, entertaining short film from the award-winning director of Heartland Film Fest favorite East Side Sushi. The film breezes along at a quick running time of just under four minutes, but it's a fun four minutes and it's the kind of film Indy Shorts audiences will most certainly enjoy. Both Kinsey and Liberti have fun here, while Sadie Shapiro joins in for a good time as a granddaughter who tries to help out. 

Lensing by Andy Perez is top notch and a musical accompaniment of a familiar tune will have you bopping along. You may not shit a rainbow, but you'll surely have a good time with this flick screening in the Comedy Shorts block during the 2020 Indy Shorts International Film Festival. 

Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic