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Luke Goddard, Aaron Jeffcoate, Jonas Daniel Alexander, Mark Anthony Games, Ross O'Hennessy
Calum Rhys
16 Mins.

 "Our Father" Prepares for Streaming Release After Fest Run 

Private Cole (Luke Goddard) is a private in the British Army during World War II in writer/director Calum Rhys's award-winning short film Our Father, a 15-minute journey into the soul of the soldiers who fight the wars while trying to maintain some semblance of human connection and a humane existence.

As Private Cole, Luke Goddard captures the inner workings of a conflicted young man surrounded by an environment that we'd have to wish no young man would ever experience. Rather than a harrowing performance, Goddard's is an honest and authentic one that avoids unnecessary histrionics and gets to the soul of Private Cole. While the entire ensemble cast is strong, kudos must also be given to Ross O'Hennessy as Sergeant Browning for a performance that is disciplined and on mark.

D.P. Antony Meadley's lensing transcends what one usually expects amongst lower budgeted shorts, especially a short film with the complexity of tackling a war theme. Zachary Start's original music feels as if we've been dropped down in the middle of the 1940s yet also drives home the film's intimate and dramatic themes.

Craig Leonard's costuming picked up Best Costume Design at the Portsmouth International Film Festival, while the film was also nominated for Best British Film.

Our Father is getting close to wrapping up its film festival run and headed toward a streaming release, a release that should prove to be popular for fans of war and action shorts. If you get a chance, definitely check it out.

© Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic