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The Independent Critic

Byron Jordan Wolter
Matthew Gordon  Levandoski
4 Mins.

 "Otis" Playing in Hoosier Lens at Indy Film Fest 

Screening as part of the Indy Film Fest's "Special Hoosier Shorts Block" and the "Body Language" shorts block, writer/director Matthew Gordon Levandoski's entertaining 4-minute short film Otis follows one man, hilariously played by Byron Jordan Wolter, who gets on an elevator to take a quick bathroom break. What is planned as a quick break becames a moment of panic, however, when the elevator stops between floors.

What's a guy to do when ya' really gotta go?

A simple premise nicely shot with a classic look and feel accompanied by Levandoski's exceptional lensing, Otis lists a $2 budget on its IMDB page and yet looks far more professional than any number of other bigger budgeted shorts and features. Wolter sells the "urgency" of the situation, though his naturally comical face, I swear that's a compliment, gives you a good chuckle as it all plays out. Shot in Bloomington, Indiana, Otis is a short yet memorable Hoosier Lens flick and should have no problem finding a home on the indie fest circuit.

Otis is screening one more time at Indy Film Fest on July 23rd at 5:30pm at DeBoest Lecture Hall at Indianapolis Museum of Art. Vist the Indy Film Fest website for more information.

Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic