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Scroobius Pip, Kevin Smith, Jason Byrne, Stuart Bannerman, Jamie Westwood
Ben Gummery
18 Mins.

 "One Voice, One Mic" Set for Festival Circuit 
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The 18-minute doc short One Voice, One Mic is an upbeat, honest look at the rise of podcasting that explores its current state and if, in fact, the world of podcasting has become oversaturated as many have realized they can, relatively affordably, create a podcast and broadcast it to the world while even having hope of monetizing their efforts. That subject, monetizing, is also covered here with simple, straightforward feedback by a variety of podcasters from past and present. 

Written and directed by Ben Gummery, the recently completed One Voice, One Mic is getting set for its indie fest journey before a planned online release once that journey wraps itself up. 

One Voice, One Mic feels much like a podcast itself, Gummery patiently interviewing such folks as Scroobius Pip, Jason Byrne, and Stuart Bannerman among others while also showing archival footage from the likes of early podcasters Joe Rogan and Kevin Smith. Gummery avoids a lot of razzle dazzle, instead focusing much of the film on simply being an informative and educational experience that should prove enlightening and helpful to podcasters and those who've not quite yet gotten the nerve to try it out. 

Go ahead. You know you want to.

While the film doesn't necessarily chart much new territory, what it does it does well and it's easy to see it finding a spot on the indie fest circuit amongst filmmakers and indie film fans who will unquestionably resonate with the film's overall enthusiasm about podcasting and empowering message that there's still room for the industry to grow and for new voices to be discovered. 

For more information on One Voice, One Mic, visit the film's Facebook page linked to in the credits. 

Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic