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Natalia Baginska, Joanna Pastusiak, Joanna Pres, Kinga Szymanska, Martyna Brodzik, Aleksandra Sudyk, Marta Fil, Patrycja Michalczyk, Natalia Grib
MIguel Gaudencio
101 Mins.

 Green Box Europe Releases Polish Doc "Offside"  

Writer/director Miguel Gaudencio's involving documentary Offside follows commitment, passion, and camaraderie of a Polish female football team during their high demand, grueling pre-season as their coach lays the foundation for their upcoming season by pushing them harder than ever before. 

Filmed in pristine black-and-white, Offside is the kind of documentary that you become so engrossed in that you forget that you're having to read the subtitles, at least if you're English speaking like this critic, because you've become so involved in the efforts of these outstanding young athletes. 

Avoiding over hype and faux inspiration, Gaudencio paints a wonderful portrait of the stunning work of these women as they work to follow their coach and drive toward reaching new heights as individuals and as a football team. Filmed utilizing a Canon 7D, Offside's lensing is impeccable throughout, while Kejo Luo's original music provides a nice background for the quietly dramatic production. 

Released just this month in both the U.S. and Poland, Offside is practically a must see for fans of football, American folks know it as soccer, and yet anyone who appreciates sports docs will find much to love here. While some may consider the film a tad slow in spots, it's actually refreshing to see a film that explores even the more mundane aspects of being a professional athlete. 

For more information on Offside, visit the film's website linked to in the credits. 

Written by Richard Propes
The Independent Critic